Here is a list of our 2011 Designers!

All photos coming soon!

Candice Wu

Candice Wu, I grew up in a traditional Chinese family and my grandparents are both Christian priests, so I have a mixture cultural influence. I was studying at UMASS-Boston and received a degree in business. After that i went to school of fashion design. I get inspired by everything, I am always thinking fashion is a transformation of art; fashion is to bring the clothes from functional wearing to the higher level. I use a mix of traditional element and modern ideas to create new fashions.

Wesley Nault

Originally from Massachusetts, Wesley Nault made the jump to New York to pursue a career in the fashion industry at the age of eighteen. Formally trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology and having spent a year working for Marc Jacobs, Nault was ready to break out on his own landing a spot on the Emmy Award winning show Project Runway in 2008. Although Wesley’s “auf wiedersehen” came early, he said “guten tag” to countless exciting opportunities, everything from uniforms for the new Yankee Stadium, vegetable dresses and lectures for young entrepreneurs, to costumes for superheroes and showgirls. In 2010, Nault won GEN ART’s New Garde grant with a fellow contestant from the Project Runway. Together the two showed a widely received collection at New York Fashion Week that was sponsored by Plastics Make It Possible and hosted by Molly Sims. September of 2010 marked the launch of his solo namesake collection, Wesley Nault, which has picked up momentum in the media and has found a fan in such people as Kim Kardashian and the socialite circles of New York.

Julie Montesion

Julie Montesion is a freelance designer who specializes in evening, bridal and special occasion wear. She loves tailoring and has a strong attention to detail. Her clothing is flirty, feminine and fun, with a touch of retro inspired details.Her work has been showcased in Massachusetts and New England at venues such as The Liberty Hotel in Boston, MA; The Hyatt Regency Boston and on FOX 25 News. Julie’s work can be seen

Julie Kontos

Julie Kontos graduated from Lasell College in 2007 with a BS in Fashion Design & Production. She is currently a Clothing Designer for the U.S. Navy but also designs her own fashion-forward pieces for friends and charity events. Julie describes her style as “classic with an edge” and she loves playing with different textures and silhouettes. Her designs are inspired by music, dance and art. “Like” Julie Kontos, Fashion Designer on Facebook!





Drea Couture

I have studied in London, Paris, and graduated in Boston with Best of Show for my Asian Collection and receiver of The Fashion Group of International of Boston award. My Asian collection is in honor of my mother, my robe from this collection has become my signature piece. I have spent my time interning in Paris and in Boston at the Boston Ballet. I sew, pattern, drape, sketch, bead, fabric art all my one of a kind pieces by hand. My collection has been in Boston Fashion week, Upscale Living magazine and varies other publications.






Nicole Herzog

While growing up, Nicole Herzog, found herself constantly lunging into new creative projects. Whether it was remaking shoes, oil painting, or decoupaging boxes, there was always something brewing. After having a dream about a princess dress cascading down the town hall steps, she began incessantly drawing different outfits and experimenting with her own clothing style. Her new focus would thus become fashion design. After getting her degree in Fashion Design in 2009, she began designing for private customers and friends. She named her label: HERZOG. HERZOG is a small fashion brand that caters to the timeless woman. Specializing in vintage cocktail dresses, tea party dresses, small over coats and insatiable day and evening skirts. Mini collections are created bi-annually while custom pieces are created year round. HERZOG is for women that enjoy roaming city streets, antique shopping, finding old photos, and wearing vintage jewelry.

Zack Lo

Formerly of Great Britain and now residing in the USA, fashion footwear designer Zack Lo’s eponymous 2010 debut collection named “Voodoo Circus” captured the aesthetic of exuberant Carnaby Street vintage London meets boutique chic backstreet parties in Tokyo.  Featured in Glamour Magazine, and most recently in New York Times bestselling author Jay Calderin’s new book Fashion Design Essentials, as well as other national and international print and broadcast media, Zack’s distinctively feminine looks reinvent classic stiletto design with a modern twist, and are much sought after by celebrities, style editors and fashionistas around the globe.
Born in Ilan City, Taiwan, and educated at Kingston University in the United Kingdom, Zack Lo’s penchant for sumptuous details and flamboyant embellishments put his shoes at the forefront of fashion–and a legion of style conscious women eagerly await new collections.  “Beauty,” says the designer, “is an elegant interpretation of the past.  I never want to compromise luxury or femininity just for the sake of style.  I look for what has endured, and then I find inspiration in what feels fresh and new to me.  My shoes are intended to give women choices that express how they feel–sexy, youthful, mysterious or sophisticated.”

Risk by Zack Lo,” his latest collection, will debut for the 2011/2012 Holiday Season

Janice Louise Miller

Janice presently resides in her downtown studio which is completely buried under a vast collection of vintage clothes, fabrics, jewelery and random toys found at local thrift shops. Janice is now digging her way out designing her Environmentally Aware Fashion Collection titled “Glaciermilk” which was presented at 2010 Boston Fashion Week as one of the top 3 headlining emerging collections.
The ONE-OF-A-KIND, outrageously kooky spirit of “Glaciermilk” makes entering the world of Janice Louise Miller a bit like dropping down a psychedelic rabbit hole. If the Mad Hatter invited Marie Antoinette for tea on the eve of 2012, what ever would she wear? Recession! What recession?
Janice has created a GREEN lifestyle brand that truly cultivates the forever young in everyone. Glitter, sequins, and dreams have driven Janice Louise Miller every step of the way, transforming RECYCLED trash to a respected and revered flash player in the ever-growing, re-purposed, fashion world. “Address GLOBAL WARMING. Get dressed. GO GREEN” will take you from the red carpet to the street, uptown, downtown every drop along the way. THIS IS GLACIERMILK!

Janice will donate 10% of every sale to the WWF Endangered Species Program. A cute plushie animal toy is received for every donation which will be donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital.
“The day I am written in Stone, it will be above my head.” JLMiller


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